Homes & Docks

SWC has provided successful consulting services for single-family home properties in the Florida Keys for many years. We are well-acquainted with all local, State and federal regulatory agencies and permitting requirements, and have consistently received positive agency comments for our meticulous, professional work.

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Marinas & State Submerged Land Leases

SWC is skilled working with development and modification of marinas, both as project manager and as a member of the consulting team. SWC can coordinate the rest of the professional team (engineers, hydrologists, surveyors) to produce meticulous, complete permit documents, which can greatly streamline and speed permitting.

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Commercial & Multi-unit Properties

SWC has worked with many businesses and multi-unit properties to develop and permit projects that meet the stringent environmental and planning standards applied to the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern.  Ecological, planing and contamination related services are offered by SWC to assist with both new and re-development of sites, well as to address permit compliance concerns.

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Keys Permitting

Monroe County is probably the most regulated area on earth. This is due to concern for the unique environment, which has been recognized at the federal level by designation of the National Marine Sanctuary and several wildlife refuges; and at the State level through designation of the Area of Critical State Concern, Outstanding Florida Waters, and two aquatic preserves.  Stringent local codes have been adopted and all local development decisions are reviewed by the State.

SWC has provided professional services in this challenging regulatory environment for more than 25 years. The president of the firm, Sandra Walters, is qualified as an
expert witness in environmental and land use permitting issues for administrative hearings and court proceedings.  The professional staff has outstanding relationships with all regulatory and commenting agencies, so has the credibility to negotiate solutions to difficult problems for both public- and private-sector clients.

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Planning Services

The Florida Legislature has designated Monroe County and the cities of Key West, Islamorada and Marathon as areas of critical state concern. To implement stringent planning guidelines required by the State, local governments have adopted very conservative comprehensive plans and codes.

SWC has worked in all local jurisdictions and is familiar with the differences between local codes that can affect development plans. The president of the firm, Sandra Walters, is qualified as an expert witness in land use issues for State administrative hearings and court proceedings, she provided expert witness services to Monroe County in a major land use case, and has worked with private-sector clients in this capacity, as well.

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1008A Parrotdise Site Plan 10-02-07


Habitat Assessments

SWC has conducted many assessments of property to document the nature and extent of protected natural resources. We have worked in all southeast and southwest Florida habitats in upland, wetlands and fresh and saltwater marine systems.  SWC has particular expertise with habitats in the Florida Keys. SWC President Sandra Walters is qualified as an expert witness on this subject in State of Florida administrative and court proceedings.

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SWC offers a variety of contamination-related services, both to determine if a property has contamination and if so, to clean it up. The firm complies strictly to federal and State standards to protect the liability of property buyers and owners.

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