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Ms. Walters has 30+ years of professional experience in Florida. She is qualified as an Expert Witness in Florida administrative hearings and court proceedings; has conducted and supervised environmental studies, and developed avoidance and mitigation plans, in all South Florida submerged and upland habitats; has successfully permitted projects ranging from single family homes to developments of regional impact, working with all regulatory agencies; has extensive experience in design and implementation of public participation programs and review and development of comprehensive plans; and has represented clients successfully with many agencies and government boards. She is presently a member of the South Florida Regional Planning Council, appointed by governors Bush, Crist and Scott, serving as chair in 2009; serves on EPA’s Water Quality Steering Committee for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary; and served from 2000 to 2004 as a Governor’s appointee on Florida’s Acquisition and Restoration Council, which supervises purchase and management of State conservation lands.

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CURTIS L DOKKEN, Vice President & Principal Engineer

Mr. Dokken has 25 years of experience in civil engineering, environmental consulting and construction. He provides design and management for environmental construction and remediation projects including site improvements, soil and ground water remediation, regulatory permitting and compliance, and environmental treatment system operation.  He has designed and managed projects to remediate properties to support site redevelopment, including environmental clean-up, storage tank installation and removals, PCB’s, lead and arsenic site restoration.  Mr. Dokken is experienced with solid waste landfills and transfer stations including operations manual preparation, permitting, bid specification development, construction project management and construction quality assurance (soils and geosynthetics).  He provides regulatory compliance support to both public and private sector clients including Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans, storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP), integrated contingency plans and above ground storage tank permitting.

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JIM BRUSH, Senior Project Engineer

jbrushDuring Mr. Brush’s career in civil and environmental engineering, he has provided consulting and construction management and facilities engineering services to industry and government with emphasis in site development, utilities, mechanical, infrastructure, and civil design; remediation/ contamination cleanup, groundwater monitoring; water/ wastewater treatment facility and pipeline design, municipal and industrial, and plant start‐up and operator training.


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AUDREY SIU, Environmental Scientist

Ms. Siu is an environmental professional practiced in regulatory permitting in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. She has eight years of experience in environmental regulation for a variety of projects in marine and freshwater ecosystems, serving as an environmental regulator with the Miami U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office. Ms. Siu is well versed in identification and characterization of wetland and submerged habitat, native flora and fauna, invasive exotic species, and threatened/ endangered species.  She is knowledgeable in agency coordination, stake-holder engagement, and requirements for alternatives analyses including avoidance, minimization, and mitigation.  Ms. Siu has determined project class-of-action and prepared National Environmental Property Act (NEPA) documentation (Categorical Exclusions, Environmental Assessments/FONSI).

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DEAN WALTERS, Public Affairs Coordinator

Mr. Walters is an accomplished professional in the field of public involvement and civic outreach. He has worked closely with the Florida Department of Transportation on many design and construction projects in Monroe County, so is well experienced with procedures for mailings and meetings and ensuring that public outreach is effective and results well documented. In addition, he has many years as a musical performer, and has been involved in management and direction of such organizations as Island Opera Theatre of the Florida Keys, Inc. and the Keys Chorale at Florida Keys Community College, and in those roles gained extensive direct public involvement and civic outreach experience.

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JILL BETH COHEN, Senior Planner & Landscape Architect

Ms. Cohen is a Registered Landscape Architect (RLA), Certified Planner (AICP), LEED AP and Certified Arborist (ISA) with more than 30 years of professional experience focused on planning, urban design, landscape architecture and sustainable design. Her professional experience includes working closely with municipalities, institutional and private clients on projects involving planning, site planning, landscape architecture, land use, variances, rezoning, platting, processing and permitting, due diligence and documentation. Currently, Ms. Cohen’s focus is on sustainability and revitalization projects and providing proactive, responsive and personalized service including attention to detail to provide quality projects. Ms. Cohen is a senior associate with SWC and also has her own consulting business.

Additionally, Ms. Cohen was chair of the Broward USGBC (US Green Building Council), Southeastern Chapter, serving two consecutive terms in this position and two years as the Advocacy Chair. She was instrumental in organizing and providing the leadership for the BROWARD 2030, a group of 60 plus public‐private professionals involved in green building and sustainable landscapes which was the forerunner ‘seed organization’ to the Sustainability Stewards of Broward County.

Currently, Ms. Cohen has been providing guidance and consulting services in the re‐writing of the landscape codes for two cities; The City of Miramar and the City of Parkland.

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COREY W. O’GORMAN, AICP, Senior Planner

corey w o'gormanMr. O’Gorman’s career spans over 30 years of public- and private-sector experience in community planning and zoning, real estate development, redevelopment and project management. He is a highly skilled planner and project manager with proficiency in research, technical writing, public presentations, administration, and organization, as well as management of personnel, consultants and general contractors. Mr. O’Gorman is big-picture oriented with strong attention to detail, and is knowledgeable of the planning, design, regulatory, and construction principals of real estate development.

Public sector experience includes analysis of comprehensive plans, zoning and land development regulations, and related text amendments; grant administration; development coordination; site plan review; comprehensive plan amendments, rezonings and variances; redevelopment planning, implementation and CRA administration; planning, design and construction of parks and streetscapes; developer negotiations including agreements for disposition and development of public land; and project and program administration.

Private sector experience includes real estate development project management; comparative site analysis; due diligence studies; critical path scheduling; consultant, designer, and contractor selection and contract negotiation; rezonings, variances, and permitting; construction administration; budget preparation and monitoring; review and processing pay requests; and, final project punch-listing and close-out.

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ROB STEWART, Senior Project Manager

Rob Stewart SWC Senior Project ManagerMr. Stewart has over 19 years of field and project management experience in the areas of Environmental Construction Compliance, habitat and water quality monitoring, ecological assessments, cultural resource identification and preservation, marine resource management, endangered species monitoring and construction management.

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KEVIN M. CUNNIFF, Senior Ecologist

Cunniff Mr. Cunniff is a professional marine and wetlands scientist with over 14 years of experience working in coastal and estuarine ecosystems, with particular expertise in seagrass habitats. He also has extensive experience working in mangrove forests, freshwater wetlands, and Everglades tree islands. Mr. Cunniff’s focus has been directed toward applied ecological research and monitoring related to the management and restoration of South Florida marine and freshwater wetland resources. He is an accomplished field ecologist with over 1,200 working field days, 3,800 logged research SCUBA dives, and 13,000 hours piloting and trailering research vessels. Mr. Cunniff has experience in management, analysis, and reporting of complex scientific data sets, and is experienced in design of statistically rigorous, hypothesisbased experimental and monitoring research studies. He has worked with university academics, State and federal researchers, and as a professional private‐sector consultant. Currently, Mr. Cunniff is conducting research in Florida Bay, funded by Everglades National Park, and is actively involved in the Florida Coastal Everglades Long‐Term Ecological Research (FCE‐LTER) Program through Florida International University, funded by the National Science Foundation.

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RANDALL “Randy” CORBIN, Environmental Technician

Corbin SWC Mr. Corbin is knowledgeable in temperate and tropical wetland and marine ecological systems. He is familiar with various sampling and analytical techniques for field data collection, water quality sampling and assessment, and identification and enumeration of tropical wetland and marine species including mangroves and coastal marshes, seagrasses, fish, invertebrates and corals, and is trained and experienced in coral nursery and transplantation methodologies. Mr. Corbin is currently focusing his professional career on benthic assessments, implementation of mitigation plans for unavoidable wetland or benthic impacts, and environmental compliance monitoring during construction to ensure adherence to permit conditions.

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JACKIE HARDER, Communications Specialist

j_harderMs. Harder has more than 30 years of experience with the media,
including a newspaper career with the second‐largest media company in the nation (Knight Ridder, now McClatchy). During her years in the newspaper business, she covered virtually every aspect of government; one series of stories, on the land‐use planning process in Monroe County, won an award from the American Planning Association. She spent nearly seven years as the chief executive officer of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce. Her duties included acting as spokesman for the chamber and the business community and she was often interviewed for print, radio and television reports.

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NANCY BARTA, Public Information Specialist

Nancy Barta SWCMs. Barta is accomplished in the field of interpersonal communications in both English and Spanish. She has lived and worked for many years in the Florida Keys, during which time she has excelled in communications associated primarily with sales. This understanding of people’s needs and wants is critical for achieving effective communication resulting in providing a thorough response to public concerns and questions. With SWC, she is assisting in all aspects of communications services for public agency clients, including coordinating with agencies and the public, preparing for and conducting mailings and public meetings, and preparing summaries of public input and outreach efforts.

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Ms. Fritts is an experienced and versatile Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist with extensive experience within the government sector. Her wide range of knowledge, from GPS field data collection in both urban and rural settings, to project and field crew management, data processor, and GIS specialist gives her a particularly-broad expertise in the field. She has successfully worked for a broad range of clients, delivering timely and accurate data and deliverables, utilizing up-to-date best industry practices. She has performed numerous detailed sub-surface utility inventories for municipalities and military installations and has built GIS base data from the ground up. Ms. Fritts has extensive experience working throughout Florida, and has also completed projects across the country. She has worked on watershed restoration projects, and has participated in phases of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project (CERP). Her software skills include proficiency with ArcGIS 10.0, and she regularly participates in continuing education to stay current with industry trends and technology.

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KATHERINE FATICA, Graphic Designer

Katherine Fatica Ms Fatica has spent the last 27 years as a graphic designer and/or art director working for a number of agencies including Needham Fatica Advertising Agency, of which she was co-owner. She is well versed in all aspects of graphic design and print production, and has worked on projects for major corporations including Sherwin Williams, Moen, Inc, Dixon Ticonderoga, Avery Labels, Parker Hannifin and Hammermill Papers. Ms. Fatica has lived and provided professional graphic design services in Key West for more than 16 years, during which time she has worked with many elements of the community, including businesses and government agencies, developing a keen sense of effective messaging with this community.

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Ms. Pritchard is an environmental scientist knowledgeable in all phases and aspects of roadway construction projects; capable of assessing and documenting impacts to the social, cultural, natural, and physical environments with regard to roadway improvement projects. She is well-versed in environmental laws, regulations, policies, and procedures at the local, state, and federal levels, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). She is knowledgeable and experienced in FDOT processes and procedures, including preparing of all required environmental documents, and coordinating with federal, state, and local governmental agencies and the public. She is presently working as an employee of SWC and also has her own consulting company.

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